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Dive Into the New Age of Media Promotion

Disruption without strategy is just chaos. That’s why our experienced, diverse crew of intentional creatives and strategists aims to connect brands with culture in authentic ways that inspire action

From getting ahead of the latest social trends to decentralizing our thoughts on Web3, we create paths for brands to enter the conversation in meaningful ways

So when they disrupt, people join in, and people follow



Our process for social and community management consistently monitors trends, curates opportunities and plans effective day-to-day communications to create ongoing interest in your brand. We add to this through decades of experience building digital communities in politics around the world.


  • Social Media Planning & Management

  • Community Management

  • Trend Analysis

  • Social Content Brainstorms, Planning & Production

  • Channel Growth & Amplification Tactics


Multi-channel Campaigns 

From day one, we’ve felt that strong stories could be better connected to the overarching strategy for the brand. Our CMO advisors use our subject matter experts to tackle the holistic planning that our clients often can’t—a collaborative, research-backed strategy that can scale your brand to the intersection of culture and commerce.


  • Market Research & Digital Audit

  • Campaign & Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Media Planning & Buying

  • Talent Partnerships, Endorsements & Influencer Marketing

  • Marketing Funnel Creation

  • Data and Analytics


Building Community 

We were built as an agency around the concept of being something bigger than ourselves, empowering our employees, and meeting our customers where they are.  We take these values to heart helping guide your brand with the customers at the forefront of your messaging 


  • PR and influencer management 

  • Loyalty Programs 

  • Talent Partnerships, Endorsements & Influencer Marketing

  • Data-backed approach to finding your elite customers where they are influenced 

  • Data and Analytics


Activations and branding that lasts 

Cryptan has put on over 100 events across industries and sizes.  From luxury private investor dinners to conferences, to viral parties that trended across social media and news outlets. 

Stocks on a Screen

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem


Committed to the long run built to execute now.

At Cryptan Media, we believe the emerging blockchain space has the potential to disrupt every facet of our daily life and economy. It’s not a matter of if but when and how. We strive to be bold with our campaigns and develop long-term growth and sustainability for all projects.

What does that mean for you? We’re here to help you figure out how to become a market leader in the next digital revolution.

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